Can i use 2 grid tie inverters

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Can i use 2 grid tie inverters

These nifty pieces of hardware help to invert the energy your solar panels produce into usable AC power. This inverted power can then be used to power your household, and the excess can be fed back to the main power grid for some extra cash.

There are number of different grid-tie inverters that can service a range of solar arrays and setups. The best ones currently on the market are hybrid inverters.

By capturing power and saving it for later use, you can maximize your energy production and charge batteries while still remaining on-grid. As one of the most notable names in the solar energy market, Outback Power is known for making top-of-the-line products.

Their Skybox hybrid inverter is a standout in their catalog because of its ease of use, quality manufacturing, and ability to serve as a backup energy source. This is great for those that live in areas where utility bills have time-of-use charges or frequent blackouts.

You can even hook up a back-up generator for extra protection. As a brand-new product recently released inthe Outback Skybox does not currently have any customer reviews online. The Outback Skybox packs a lot into one sleek unit, eliminating the need for external charge controllers and communication boxes. One of the key selling points for the Skybox is its hybrid configuration. While most grid-tie inverters only feed power to a household or public grid on a continuous basis, the Skybox can store power for later use.

It works with any regular 48V battery bank and has an input for a backup generator as well.

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It employs a NEMA 3R enclosurewhich protects the delicate electronics from rain, snow and ice formation. With a 5-year warrantyOutback offers protection for buyers. They also have upgrade-able software and customer support to set your mind at ease. Should you require it, they offer an extended year warranty upon request. See Price on Amazon.

Its incredible With a low price and host great features, the SolarEdge inverter is a no-brainer for mid-sized residential solar arrays.

grid tie can be used off grid!

This top-tier model is lightweight and reliable and can be easily installed with very little maintenance. It offers built-in module-level monitoring, pure sine wave power and a great year warranty period. Overall, the SolarEdge inverter packs a lot into a small package and offers great value for money.


In fact, the model won the Intersolar Award. This makes it a great choice for solar experts and novices alike.Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Multiple grid tied inverters Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Ok, a question So, I have a 2kW hybrid system installed with 8xW Sanyo hybrid panels and a sunnyboy inverter.

Now, as I am looking at having additional 8 panels fitted to a different elevation back of house facing SWI appreciate this will be a seperate string and run through a second inverter. I have been told that the system, identical to the one already fitted, can be installed and the AC output connected to the same AC cabling as the existing inverter in the loft. This would allow the same meter to be used and the same Elios system already fitted, rather than having 2 seperate generation meters and monitoring.

So, my question is how does this work in practice? My understanding of the way inverters worked was that they sensed the input AC voltage and then raised their output above this voltage in order to export to grid. Assuming 2 inverters are connected, essentially in parallel, I would have assumed that as they are each 'sensing' the input AC voltage that they would end up in a never ending loop of increasing voltage.

Ie, the first senses the domestic supply voltage say v, then increases to say in order to export to grid. Meanwhile the 2nd inverter is sensing v and increases it's output to v and so forth and so forth Can someone explain how 2 inverters, each with independent strings work together? Also, is it reasonable to connect them together in this way?

Thanks in advance. Tags: None.Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in.

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Forgot password or user name? Most Popular Topics. Any advantage of having multiple inverters? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 3. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 template Next. If I have the space, is having two x2 instead of one inverter better?

Tags: None. Is this for grid tie, or off grid? For grid tie, I'd use one, save the space and expense. For off-grid, I'd use 2, and you have a spare if one died. Register to Post. Comment Post Cancel. Almost the same boat. I have watts in 6- 12v rated panels. The downside for me is the 2K pure sine inverters for 24v are almost double the 12v options. Growing a 24v bank is hard to do as well IMHO.

I'm going to be off grid. Another one - me - in the same boat. Trying to ask SP for dual PowerOne 6. Will listen to the replies here. Originally posted by josefaz View Post. Originally posted by KRenn View Post. Two inverters will almost always cost more but there's definitely benefits to be had IMO.

Originally posted by inetdog View Post. Are you talking about grid-tie inverters or off-grid charge controllers? For grid-tie, two inverters will usually sync just fine without interference, but for off-grid using two inverters to power one large load requires that they be designed to coordinate with each other. Even if you use them as two legs of a volt supply, they will not work for volt loads unless they stay rigidly in phase with each other.

Originally posted by AZstars View Post. Originally posted by Naptown View Post.Solar solution for:.

Getting Your Grid Tied Solar Array To Work When The Grid Is Down

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220v from two inverters?

Multiple inverters. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Multiple invertersAM. So I already have a 1kw system, and being a bit of a dummy I also got a 1kw inverter. Now I want to add another 2kw up there and I want to use another 2kw inverter, but the chap on the phone from the solar mob says I can only use the one inverter and have to buy a 3kw and can't have 2 inverters running side by side, with the 1kw inverter doing the 1kw system and the other 2 kw inverter doing the 2kw system.

Is this correct? Can I only have the one inverter hooked up to my switchboard? I have a grid connect setup. Tags: None. If you have arrays tied to a combiner box then to an inverter. You can have as many setups like that as you want.

Monitoring is another thing. Thats also how you add a wind turbin to the system. Larger wire or breaker at your power box might have to be done. I'm using two 5k inverters 6 gage to 50 amp breaker. My inverters could have been, just as likely, one 4k and one 5k.Grid tie inverters enable you to push power into a mains socket which is an awesome ability.

I find the power electronics and control systems involved in their design interesting so I built my own. This report shares what I learnt and documents how I did things.

can i use 2 grid tie inverters

All the concepts are scalable but this setup had a maximum output of 40 watts before the filter inductors began saturating. See the software on my GitHub. A few things to say about that:. See here. You can imagine all the enormous generators in power stations up and down the country spinning in unison. They rotate synchronously producing for us a 50Hz sinusoidal signal. Their combined massive rotational inertia takes time to slow down or speed up.

can i use 2 grid tie inverters

Thus supply and demand are in a continuous dance with one another. One more thing to say about the 50Hz signal. Although it varies very slightly about 50Hz, the guys up top make sure that the average frequency over the day is exactly 50Hz. So if the grid is at They do this precisely using International Atomic Time. Household, office and industrial appliances can therefore use the grid frequency to keep time. This is commonly done with mechanical socket timers for example.

The actual signal swings up to a v peak. In reality, the voltages seen at a plug in your house are quite variable. You may see this as the lights dimming ever so slightly. Big motors, such as those in hoovers draw huge currents whilst the motor gets up to speed.

So you often see a slight flicker of the lights when you turn them on.

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My point is, mains voltage is much more variable. Think tumble driers, kettles, ovens, hoovers etc.

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Sinusoidal - The signal should be a nice clean sine wave but in reality some non-linear appliances suck their power from certain points in the sine wave cycle. Non linear loads typically include computer power supplies, fluorescent lights, chargers, TVs, etc. Total harmonic distortion THD quantifies this in the waveform. This is important because harmonic content in the grid reduces the efficiency of some devices connected to it especially odd harmonics.

Low impedance - When thinking about a grid tie inverter this will be important to consider. There are all sorts of loads attached to the mains including inductive, resistive and occasionally capacitive loads. So the impedance is unknown and changeable.

To push power into the grid we need to synthesise a signal that exactly matches the frequency and phase of the mains but with a voltage ever so slightly higher. And as the RMS voltage fluctuates we need to ensure we fluctuate with it. This will effectively transform our output into a current source rather than a voltage source which is more appropriate for driving low impedances.

We can achieve this by using a PI Proportional Integral control loop:. Each time we call the PID algorithmwe pass the most recent current measurement and the setpoint we want. Our PID control algorithm allows us to choose the output current we want at any given moment. To produce a 50Hz sinusoidal output current we need to continuously change our requested current in a sinusoidal fashion.Grid-tie inverters are used between local electrical power generators: solar panelwind turbinehydro-electricand the grid.

To inject electrical power efficiently and safely into the grid, grid-tie inverters must accurately match the voltage and phase of the grid sine wave AC waveform.

Electricity companies, in some countries, pay for electrical power that is injected into the electricity utility grid. Payment is arranged in several ways. With net metering the electricity company pays for the net power injected into the grid, as recorded by a meter in the customer's premises.

can i use 2 grid tie inverters

For example, a customer may consume kilowatt-hours over a month and may return kilowatt-hours to the grid in the same month. In this case the electricity company would pay for the kilowatt hours balance of power fed back into the grid.

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In the US, net metering policies vary by jurisdiction. Feed-in tariffbased on a contract with a distribution company or other power authority, is where the customer is paid for electrical power injected into the grid. In the United States, grid-interactive power systems are specified in the National Electric Codewhich also mandates requirements for grid-interactive inverters.

Grid-tie inverters convert DC electrical power into AC power suitable for injecting into the electric utility company grid. The grid tie inverter GTI must match the phase of the grid and maintain the output voltage slightly higher than the grid voltage at any instant.

A high-quality modern grid-tie inverter has a fixed unity power factor, which means its output voltage and current are perfectly lined up, and its phase angle is within 1 degree of the AC power grid. The inverter has an on-board computer that senses the current AC grid waveform, and outputs a voltage to correspond with the grid.

However, supplying reactive power to the grid might be necessary to keep the voltage in the local grid inside allowed limitations. Otherwise, in a grid segment with considerable power from renewable sources, voltage levels might rise too much at times of high production, i. Grid-tie inverters are also designed to quickly disconnect from the grid if the utility grid goes down. This is an NEC requirement [2] that ensures that in the event of a blackout, the grid tie inverter shuts down to prevent the energy it transfers from harming any line workers who are sent to fix the power grid.

Properly configured, a grid tie inverter enables a home owner to use an alternative power generation system like solar or wind power without extensive rewiring and without batteries. If the alternative power being produced is insufficient, the deficit is sourced from the electricity grid. Grid-tie inverters include conventional low-frequency types with transformer coupling, newer high-frequency types, also with transformer coupling, and transformerless types.

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Transformerless inverters, which are popular in Europe, are lighter, smaller, and more efficient than inverters with transformers. But transformerless inverters have been slow to enter the US market because of concerns that transformerless inverters, which do not have galvanic isolation between the DC side and grid, could inject dangerous DC voltages and currents into the grid under fault conditions.

However, sincethe NFPA's NEC allows transformerless, or non-galvanically isolated, inverters by removing the requirement that all solar electric systems be negative grounded and specifying new safety requirements. Amendments to VDE and IEC define the design and procedures needed for such systems: primarily, ground current measurement and DC to grid isolation tests.


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